STRIVE Program Road Map


To support the efforts of hospital unit teams participating in the CDC-funded program, States Targeting Reduction in Infections Via Engagement (STRIVE), I worked with the national program team to develop a unified, engaging touchpoint that pulled interaction with data reporting, education, and registration platforms into a single interactive PDF.

Early iterations underscored the density of the information presented.

Early iterations underscored the density of the information presented.

Infographics - STRIVE Roadmap Prototype 2.jpg

The national program team wanted to present the concept of the STRIVE program being a one-year journey on which hospital unit teams (consisting of nurse managers, nurses, quality improvement leaders, and infection prevention professionals) change the way they function as teams and how they approach infection prevention. The requirements of the program were complex, with hospital unit teams being responsible for collecting and reporting data on infection rates and catheter utilization as well as spreading quality improvement education throughout their units and participating in coaching calls with state-level leaders and subject matter experts. The goal of the STRIVE Road Map was to simplify the processes related to program participation while providing a visual reminder of progress made and progress to come.